The pomegranate and its properties … Discover them with Grifo!

The pomegranate and its properties … Discover them with Grifo!

October is coming and the pomegranate season officially begins!

The pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate.

Its name: “pomegranate” derives from the Latin malum (apple) and granatum (with seeds); in fact, this fruit resembles the shape of an apple with many grains of seeds with a sour taste inside.

But why is it so good for health?

First of all, one of the best known properties of the pomegranate is certainly its antitumor action, in fact, thanks to the presence of tannins and polyphenols, it protects against the progression of different types of cancer.

Then it is able to fight infections caused by bacteria and parasites, thanks to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory function.

Or again, it is a great ally of the immune system and a friend of the heart … In short, it is rich in beneficial properties for the body.

The pomegranate is excellent eaten as it is, but often on the market it is found in the form of pomegranate juice or jam, because they are considered more convenient to consume than the fresh fruit.

The juices and jams already made, however, are never rich in properties like the fresh fruit … In fact, the advice is to prepare juices and jams directly with your hands.

Such as?

The juice is obtained by squeezing the internal grains, but the manual work of its shelling takes time and patience … This is why Grifo has designed a machine that makes the pomegranate shelling operation completely automatic.

Tasting pomegranate with all its benefits has never been so simple… Thanks to Grifo!