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April 17, 1967 – The major of Piadena certifies the start of the business.

Grifo Marchetti was founded fifty years ago, by Giordano Marchetti’s passion. At first, he was producing corkers for bottles. His ambition and passion lead him to work in the evening to produce his own corkers and sell it, so he got the idea to open his activity and produce oenological machines aimed at private users or small producers.

What better place than Piadena Drizzona, in Cremona’s countryside, very characteristic area whose high quality culinary traditions are well related to Marchetti family’s aim to guarantee high quality products to all those who whish healthy and natural food on their tables. Wine production is an ancient and fascinating technique which, thanks to Grifo and his oenological machines, as well as all his range of products, allows, through a completely natural workmanship, for healthy and genuine final products.

Reliability, high quality, precision and made in Italy characterize our company, virtues that the two brothers Donato and Luca maintain constant. Our production includes manual and automatic machines that follows the whole grape development process: from pressing to filtering, bottling and capping.

The machines we offer today are the result of a process of constant qualitative and technological growth, which allowed us, lately, to expand our range. Blessed by our customer satisfaction, we decided to support our machines for wine production with other tools suitable for fruit processing. The results are fresh juices, ciders, bases for schnapps, distillates, liqueurs and syrups produced in your homes with raw materials of your own choice. That’s not all! Because of the deep respect we nourish for the culinary traditions, we are pleased to present some handily and high quality home appliances to transform and preserve what nature offers in genuine and healthy food.

Moreover, our range is complete of accessories, available to meet your specific needs.

September 4, 1975 – The company joins the board of Craft businesses

Our mission is being on your side

Our ambition is to offer concrete and professional help to all those wish to produce their own wine autonomously and want to rediscover the ancient art of grape and fruit processing. We would like to bring on your tables products from high quality, functional and reliable workmanship, all with exquisitely Italian taste and competitive price. Your satisfaction is our main goal: to do that we work with love, seriousness and professionality. Your collaboration and your opinion are important for us to understand your needs, so that we can help you organize your workplan.

GRIFO in the world

The high quality, durability and advanced technological supplies of our machines have also struck abroad. These characteristics represent our success in the world and our already extend distribution in the network which acquires new customers every year in all continents.

50 years with GRIFO

Giordano Marchetti with his wife Rosa

On April 17, 1967, the mayor of Piadena Drizzona certified the start of Giordano Marchetti’s working activity as craftsmith. On May 9, 1967, in Cremona, was approved the inscription of his, at the time, small business at the chamber of commerce industry crafts and agriculture. Thanks to those documents and his wife Rosa, of course, Giordano started his business which, as of now, has been successfully lasting for 50 years. Passion is the backbone of this success, combined with the constant desire to provide customers with the highest quality products and exquisitely Italian taste. Now, their children are following the father’s footstep; in fact, they are investing passion and desire to grow like their father did. Let’s celebrate, then. Celebrate these years of hard work pursuing the main aim. These years in which a passion founded roots in the entire family hearts, without ever getting lost, which taught that quality always pays and that the customer’s satisfaction is also our satisfaction.

Let us all wish for many years of GRIFO products!