Grifo is authenticity

17 Aprile 1967 – Il sindaco di Piadena certifica l’inizio dell’attività.

Passion, perseverance, but also work and effort distinguish those who care every year for their vineyards, jealously preserving the traditions of the past and the authentic flavors that characterize the homemade products. That same Italian taste that we enjoy at family dinners or big events because it leaves pleasant memories in our memory.

4 Settembre 1975 – L’azienda entra nell’Albo delle Imprese Artigiane

Since 1967, Grifo Marchetti has been committed to supporting producers in their work, so that the quality of the Made in Italy can be transformed into genuine food. After sacrifices and hard work, the real satisfaction is seeing the products on the table, still full of love and dedication, used in their cultivation. Grifo Marchetti’s machines do not aim at replacing the hands of the most experienced master, they preserve the true taste of nature, while “mechanizing” the transformation process.

Thanks to the customer satisfaction, over the years, the company has expanded its range of products, combining the processing of wine and oil with that of fruit and beer. From destoners to hydro presses, from meat grinders to cappers, the products are always modern and attentive to the latest market news.

Each Grifo Marchetti machine is carefully studied in detail, thanks to the best technologies that allow to highlight the true authenticity of Made in Italy.


Giordano Marchetti con la moglie Rosa

In order to respect nature, it’s not enough to create machines that preserve its substance, we also must invest in production so that their fabrication does not adversely affect the environment.

Therefore, Grifo Marchetti has always made sustainability a lifestyle, using its resources in machines made with easily recyclable materials. Investments and advanced research have led to increasingly advanced technologies, which have allowed the use of machines powered by renewable sources and equipped with systems that absorb the dust emitted in order not to disperse them in the environment. The environmental commitment of Grifo Marchetti has also been recognized by the certification of zero carbon dioxide emissions.


Giordano Marchetti con la moglie Rosa

The purpose of the company is to offer concrete and professional help to farms, small wineries and private individuals, who want to produce their own wine and want to rediscover the ancient art of processing grapes and fruit in general. In keeping with the Italian tradition, Grifo Marchetti’s machines allow you to rediscover the kitchen as a place where you can find yourself and cook with love, aware that through food we can convey energy, emotions and nourishment to the mind and soul.


Giordano Marchetti con la moglie Rosa

It was April 17, 1967, when the Mayor of Piadena Drizzona confirmed the beginning of Giordano Marchetti’s activity as a blacksmith. And it was May 9, 1967, when Cremona approved the registration of his then small business to the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture.

Thanks to these documents and the help of his wife Rosa, Giordano started his business, which has been successfully continuing for more than fifty years. The passion, combined with the desire to offer customers products of the highest quality and exquisitely Italian taste, represent the pillars of the company.

Now the sons Donato and Luca, following in their father’s footsteps, have invested in the company the same passion and desire to grow.

It is therefore right to celebrate the years of hard work in which a passion has found roots in the heart of an entire family without ever getting lost. This has taught us that quality always pays, and that customer satisfaction is also that of those who work there.

A special wish to us and to many years of Grifo products for you!