CO2 emissions Zero

CO2 emissions Zero

When we talk about Zero Emissions we refer to a product, service, event or organization whose CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions are zero, thus not contributing to global warming. We can also refer to renewable energy technologies and sources capable of giving rise to energy without the use of polluted fossil fuels.

The environmental issue, in recent years has attracted international attention, data on global warming are of serious concern. Grifo Marchetti wants to give the possibility to small and large manufacturers to use machines that are made with respect for the environment, therefore with zero impact.

Grifo Marchetti, offers a vast catalogue ranging from crushers to capping machines, from tomato juices to meat grinders, guaranteeing quality in materials, innovation and attention to detail. The common characteristic of the machines by Grifo Marchetti is the attention to the environment and CO2 emissions equal to Zero.

Later, Grifo Marchetti of Piadena Drizzona after years of research and investment in technologies that connected innovation and sustainability, in 2022 obtained the “Zero Emission Company” certification, attributed to companies that use energy from renewable sources.

This certification is established and awarded to companies that comply with the following three parameters:

  • Carbon Footprint, calculate the environmental impact by estimating greenhouse gas emissions during a company’s production cycle;
  • Carbon Offset and Compensation, zero of the quantities of greenhouse gases produced through environmental compensation activities;
  • Zero Emission, proof of zero greenhouse gas emissions from daily activities related to energy, gas and transport consumption.

Grifo Marchetti of Piadena Drizzona, offers a wide catalogue for its customers, who can always count on high quality products enhancing the Made in Italy and made respecting the environment. Check out our food processing products to learn more!