Almanac 2024

Almanac 2024

Here we are at our annual appointment for the presentation of our almanac!

Let’s first do a recap for those who are approaching bottling for the first time. What is a lunar calendar? The almanac is a calendar that indicates the lunar phases and in the agricultural and oenological field it plays a fundamental role as it allows to dictate one of the most important phases of wine production: bottling.

It is important to remember that bottling is a fundamental phase and will affect the final taste of your product as well as its quality!

The 3 basic rules:

• Do not bottle with the new black moon;

• Do not bottle if it rains, the bottles must be dry and perfectly clean;

• Once this is done, keep the bottles upright, only after 24 hours you can place them horizontally; store them in a cool and lightless place;

In 2024 the best periods of the year are:

• March – April – May are good months for normal wines;

• August – September – October are good months for aging wines.

The periods vary every year. Thanks to the almanac of Grifo Marchetti this year you will be able to bottle on the perfect days in order to obtain a wine with an exceptional taste, you can download it directly from here!