Craving for hamburgers? Make them at home with Grifo’s MEAT MINCER!

Craving for hamburgers? Make them at home with Grifo’s MEAT MINCER!

Home-made hamburger fast and easy to prepare thanks to the efficient MEAT MINCER by Grifo.

After a long January spent getting in shape with diets and herbal detox, it’s also time to give yourself a little pleasure.
A treat for the palate, or a “cheat meal”, which is loved by everyone and has gained international fame thanks to the spread of fast food; oh yes, we are talking just about the hamburger.

Initially the word “hamburger” was to indicate the shaped minced meat, but thanks to the fast foods now we refer to the hamburger as a sandwich with meat, tomatoes, salad, sauces and so on.

For those who love this delicious dish, but do not have time to go out to eat it, Grifo has the solution: the MEAT MINCER: !
The most important part of a hamburger is the meat, which must be a good-quality meat and not too lean, because a little fat will make it soft and succulent.

So, to recap, get the best meat, then Grifo’s meat mincer will take care of everything; you can choose the hand-operated-mincers if you like the tradition; while if you are a more technological person the electric meat mincer is made for you.
Grifo’s meat mincers are easy and practical to use, and they always guarantee quality and efficiency.

Sandwich, salad, tomatoes, sauces, and of course the minced meat prepared before with the meat mincers by Grifo, and we are ready to serve and eat our delicious hamburgers.

Prepare fantastic recipes: healthy, genuine and succulent; rely on Grifo Marchetti’s products, they preserve the quality and the naturalness of food.

Grifo is quality, it is home, it is MADE in ITALY.