The best for your cellar, from Grifo!

The best for your cellar, from Grifo!

Discover our wine filtration machines!

Filtration, in oenology, is an operation that consists in passing the wine through porous membranes that allow to retain any sediments or turbid parts in suspension before alcoholic fermentation and in pre-bottling.

In fact, before being filtered, the wine undergoes various racking operations in which it is transferred from one container to another to allow the elimination of residues and impurities that settle on the bottom.

Then, with filtration, a system of forces that tend to push the liquid through porous materials is applied to the wine – according to different techniques and technologies used.

The goal of wine filtration is to obtain a clarification of the product by eliminating suspended organic or inorganic particles, in order to make it more limpid.

The filtration of wine serves, in fact, to remove unwanted particles and microorganisms, making sure to preserve its purity over time, thus maintaining its organoleptic characteristics intact.

Wine filtration is therefore important … Therefore it is necessary to rely on efficient tools, but at the same time easy to use… Grifo‘s wine filtration machinery!

Our proposal is wide: from small filters for domestic use, called “Hobby”, robust and reliable, which guarantee a production of 80 – 200 lt / H up to the “Professional” filters, always with plates of cm. 20 × 20, which depending on the number of cartons give productions from 700 to 1500 lt / H.

But not only… For the cellars we also propose 40 × 40 filters which can be produced in different versions in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Discover them!