Tomato: the perfect ingredient!

Tomato: the perfect ingredient!

Create your tomato puree!

The tomato does not require particular types of soil for its cultivation. Sowing can take place in the seedbed, a sheltered container with cover or in an open field. At the birth of the seedlings, the most solid and robust are selected and will be transplanted, while the fragile ones are eliminated. The transplant usually takes place during the month of May.

The tomato harvest, on the other hand, takes place from July to September. They can be harvested when they reach the various stages of ripeness. In fact, if destined to be eaten raw in salads, for example, they can also be harvested still green or pink, with the seeds still white internally. Those intended for cooking are harvested at a more advanced ripening, when the color becomes bright red and the seeds inside have turned brown.

However, it will continue to ripen even after harvest. Its harvest takes place almost exclusively by hand, and usually in the coolest hours of the day.

But what can you do with this succulent ingredient?

The simplest, most genuine and traditional thing there is … The puree!

But it takes time to do it …

But not with Grifo’s tomato machines!

The machine, both electric and manual, is an ideal machine for both hobbyists and professionals in the sector who want to obtain tomato purees in total autonomy.

The Grifo tomato machine is practical, robust and easy to use.

Grifo guarantees the best quality: the individual parts of the tomato machines are designed to obtain the results of a professional machine, even if intended for domestic use.

Choose the tomato machines that best suits your needs!