Tomato juice: remedy for the summer heat

Tomato juice: remedy for the summer heat

Sauce, salad, soup… tomato is one of the most “versatile” products of the Mediterranean diet. Today, with Grifo Marchetti we will discover one of the most unusual ways to use tomato in the kitchen: tomato juice!


What is it and why is it important?

Tomato juice is a fresh and tasty drink, suitable for facing the summer heat of these months. In addition to being delicious, tomato juice is also very easy to prepare. Also, you can use it to create original combinations, perfect for experiencing some cocktails for the summer happy hour. Tomato juice is also used to make famous drinks, such as Bloody Mary.

The tomato juice contains:

  • Minerals, fundamental to coordinate the processes needed to give energy to the organism;
  • Fibers, useful to promote the functioning of the intestinal and digestive tract;
  • Vitamins, in particular A (to strengthen bones), B (to acquire more energy), C (to invigorate the immune system), D (to regulate the response to inflammation), and K (to improve blood clotting);

In short, tomato juice is just the drink of the summer! It allows us to absorb all the supplements needed to withstand excessively hot weather and heat.


How do you prepare it?

First, you need to wash the tomatoes to remove any remaining impurities, at this point you will go to cut the tomatoes into small pieces. Here comes into play the juicer Grifo Marchetti: practical and modern, the model SPFEL allows you to blend tomatoes to get a smooth and tasty. At this point,  place the juice in the refrigerator for at least two hours and after that, flavore it at will with salt, pepper, sugar and lemon.

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