The properties and cosmetic uses of pomegranate!

The properties and cosmetic uses of pomegranate!

Let’s find out with Grifo!

Pomegranate extracts are obtained from pomegranate seeds, rich in punicic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid believed to have an anti-inflammatory action, and phytosterols with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and regenerating activity.

Thanks to the active ingredients contained in it, it therefore boasts soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties useful for treating irritated and sensitive skin: pomegranate, in fact, is an excellent natural remedy that can be used in case of chapped skin, irritation or redness of the skin due to hair removal or shaving, sunburn or minor burns, eczema.

Another example was given by a 12-week study: on 64 healthy women (30-45 years, phototype 2 to IV), one group took 1,000 mg of this fruit’s extract per day, another 226 ml of the juice , and another placebo. The responses of the skin to UVB rays were then tested, demonstrating that pomegranate (both the juice and the extract) increases skin resistance to damage induced by solar radiation.

In short, this fruit has many benefits, but every time there is a need to shell it… Who wants to do that?!

For this reason, Grifo, to meet the needs of the growing interest around the pomegranate, has proposed on the market a machine that makes the shelling of the fruit completely automatic.

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