The harvest is upon us!

The harvest is upon us!

When to harvest?

The harvest is the moment in which the grapes, grown in the vineyard throughout the year, are harvested and taken to the cellar to begin the winemaking process, which with the alcoholic fermentation of the sugars contained in the ripe berries will transform the must into wine. The harvest represents not only an annual event linked to work in the vineyard, but also a ritual inserted in agricultural traditions throughout Italy and has always brought with it a great charm and has both historical and anthropological value, inherent in social sharing and in the territory.

The grapes should be harvested when they are ripe. So the real question is “when can we consider a grape ripe?” Depending on the type of wine to be produced, different parameters are taken into consideration to determine the ideal period of the harvest. We must not forget that the determination of the harvest period also varies from the state of health of the grapes, which must allow to prolong their ripening until the ideal moment established on the basis of the criteria expressed below.

But how is the harvest done?

Simply, with the help of garden scissors or curved point knives, the bunches of grapes are cut.

Grapes should be harvested delicately and placed in wicker baskets (or trolleys) so as not to damage or dent the grains.

How to best face the harvest?

Simple… With Grifo!

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