The taste of beer matches the idea of travel!

The taste of beer matches the idea of travel!

In all countries there is always the taste of a new beer to discover!

This past year, the theme of travel has been very much felt…
We have not been able to visit new and amazing places, and for now who knows when we will be able to do it again.
It may not be possible to travel physically, but Grifo can reveal to you how to travel with the heart.

Beer is sentiment, traditions, flavors… Each beer you drink allows you to travel directly to its homeland.
There is not only one beer, it varies according to tastes, colors and gradations.
The art of homebrewing has become more and more popular and felt, since everyone can make beer “his own way”, experimenting with various flavors and colors in the world … But not everyone knows how to preserve their creations, without losing taste and color.

That’s why there is Grifo!

Cappers, fillers, bottle drains… In Piadena at Grifo Marchetti you can find everything you need to best preserve all the beer you want.
If your passion is to produce home-made beer, then you will know that bottling and corking it are two very important actions for top conservation.
With Grifo’s tools, you can best preserve your beer, keeping its special characteristics intact, such as color and taste.

Beer is an ancient treasure; and with homebrewing you can rediscover the pleasure of making it at home, especially with the right equipment: Grifo filling and capping machines!