Salami with Grifo’s meat mincer!

Salami with Grifo’s meat mincer!

Discover the story!

The art of charcuterie was born in antiquity, ever since the very name “salami” means salted meat. It was not just about pork, but it was a practice that could be applied to all types of meat, even fish.

But when is the right time to make a salami? If you go back in the history of the nineteenth century, and even beyond, you can see that there is even a saint who is entrusted with the perfect period for his production: St. Anthony. The Saint’s day, in fact, is the right day by which to produce salami, that is January 17th. It is the right period because it includes ideal phenomena for obtaining the highest quality.

How email was there a right period? Well, it was only climate management that could favor the good butcher or butcher. The need for cold during the mixing of the ingredients and during the first part of managing the bagged meats, to avoid the departure of bacterial contamination, were fundamental conditions. The ideal condition was also the presence of a certain degree of humidity.

The important thing nowadays, given that there are no longer the seasons to respect, is to have tools that are simple to use but which allow you to work the meat in the best possible way…

Choosing the cut and type of meat is fundamental, but also processing it… And what’s the first step? Chop it up!

Grifo offers a wide range of electric and manual meat mincers for domestic use: the electric mincers differ in their different body sizes and motorizations so that they can be useful for various needs. Powerful motors which, thanks to the steel planetary gearbox, develop excellent performance with minimum noise and permanent grease lubrication.