Oktoberfest: history and fun facts

Oktoberfest: history and fun facts

Today we talk about the biggest beer festival in the world. As we all know this event is held in Munich, Germany. Today we talk together about the history and curiosities that characterize this spectacular event known around all around the world.

How and when was oktoberfest born?

Here is the answer to our first question. On October 12, 1810 when the future King Louis married the Princess of Saxony, the festivities lasted 5 days. They invited all the citizens  and for this reason they decided to host this great event in a park on the outskirts of Munich, where the city organizes Oktoberfest still to this day. This festival was so important for the inhabitants of Munich that they decided to suggest it again in the following years and in this way this tradition was born. Year after year the novelties increased and with them also the proposed initiatives and the influx of people. To date, the oktoberfest is the most popular and largest in the world, an international festival that has been able to keep alive its traditions and its history.

And now that we have talked a little about the history of this great festival in honor of beer, let’s move on to a part that is a little more fun, interesting and curious.


Let’s find out together some fun facts

1. The beer served on the occasion of this event is produced specifically for this occasion.
2. In order to drink it is mandatory to remain seated.
3. Only the six Traditional Breweries in Munich can serve beer.

4. Since generally about 700 people a year raise their elbows a little too much, they have created tents to “dispose of the hangover”.
5. Albert Einstein worked on the oktoberfest staff as an electrician.
6. Finally, it is forbidden to drive after participating in this event, in fact, the munich police organize checkpoints throughout the city.