Grandma’s meatballs? With Grifo meat mincers you can!

Grandma’s meatballs? With Grifo meat mincers you can!

Grifo’s meat mincers: faithful recipe mates!

How are meatballs made? It was the mid-fifteenth century when Mastro Martino da Como explained it. The recipe was simple and did not include minced meat, but veal slices filled with a spicy filling, folded back on themselves and roasted on a spit.

A hundred years later, the recipe for meatballs was now defined and numerous variations were already appearing on Italian tables. The veal, at this point minced, was always the protagonist and the dish became more and more popular.

Is making meatballs difficult? No, they are a dish that everyone knows how to make … So what distinguishes the flavor of one meatball from another?
Surely the love with which they are cooked … But the master ingredient of this recipe is definitely the meat!

It is not necessary to use fine cuts  to make excellent meatballs. Some second or third choice cuts, characterized by a good balance between lean and fat, give meatballs the right flavor and a very pleasant softness.

So, after choosing the main ingredient, you need to turn it into minced meat … But how? Well, with Grifo’s electric or manual meat mincers!
The Grifo meat mincer guarantees quality, efficiency and resistance. Simple to use, it allows you to grind meat in just a few steps.

Thanks to their professionalism, quality and reliability you will be able to prepare perfect meatballs quickly and easily.
All you have to do is cook the meatballs and enjoy them with the whole family, and Grifo takes care of the rest.

Grifo accompanies you in everyday life, Grifo is home, it is quality.