From harvest to bottling!

From harvest to bottling!

How to make wine?

The wine production process, however important, will never give a good result if the raw material is not of quality. In fact, the cultivation of grapes is the first and most important step for the production of wine. The variables are endless, from the territory to the ripening time of each vine, to the fundamental choices relating to the use of fertilizers, fertilizers and chemicals.

The second step is the harvest, that is, the harvesting of grapes from the vineyards. It takes place between August and October, depending on the right degree of ripeness of each type of grape, while for some late-fermented grapes such as those of passito wines it can reach up to November.

After the harvest we start working the grapes… But how is wine made?
With the right wine making machines!

Our crushers are available in manual and electric motor version, painted or stainless steel.
They are built with quality materials, the nylon rollers, certified for contact with food, are adjustable and equipped with an agitator.
But not only that, we have crusher-destemmers, presses, filters, cappers, bottle drains and transfer pumps.

In Piadena at Grifo, in the oenology section, in addition to understanding how wine is made, you will find oenological machinery suitable for processing grapes in the most natural way possible.

We guarantee the reliability and quality of the machines, because each machine is built with care and attention to every detail.

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