History and curiosities about the aperitif!

History and curiosities about the aperitif!

Who doesn’t love an aperitif? Especially on hot summer evenings when there is light until late and you can drink and eat in the company of friends and relatives … today, together with Grifo Marchetti we will discover a bit of history and curiosity about this ritual.

The habit of consuming alcoholic beverages and appetizers before dinner still dates back to the time of the ancient Romans. The aperitif was born as a ritual to stimulate the appetite and open the stomach before meals.

In fact, even today the must-haves of the aperitif are based on bitters and have a bitter taste that has the task of stimulating the sense of hunger.

In 1786 in Turin, Antonio Benedetto Carpano, created the Vermouth and sent a case to King Vittorio Amedeo III of Savoy, who made it the official aperitif of the court. From that moment the aperitif spread throughout Italy.

Today there are several forms of aperitif:

1. The traditional one is the one accompanied by chips and olives, just a few appetizers that fill the stomach and prevent alcohol from going to the head.

2. But over the years the aperitif has also been created, it is represented by an alcoholic drink accompanied by real food and in fact usually, replaces dinner.


3. With covid, many have a new habit of the aperitif at home, also in this case the fundamental elements are two: a drink and appetizers to nibble as an accompaniment, and here everyone can indulge as he sees fit.


4. And another fashion born with covid is the online aperitif, during the pandemic, since you could not meet, and as we know the aperitif was born as a moment of conviviality and sharing, people met on Skype, zoom or Google meet, in this way they could share a moment of serenity and lightheartedness in a difficult period for everyone.


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