For good wine, start from a good crunch

For good wine, start from a good crunch

Until a few decades ago, the grape pressing was traditionally performed with the feet. During harvest, grape bunches were put on large wooden basins, and barefoot women and children piggleded the grapes until they became the must.

In the farmhouse and in the cellars it was a moment of great celebration that gathered the families of the producers involved in this fundamental rite for the production of wine.

This ancient technique, however, has been abandoned for both hygienic reasons and because production is greatly increased and it is impossible to crush quintals and quintals of grapes with this method. To cope with this change in technology, crushing machines have been developed that replace the pressure of the feet.

Grifo, a leader in the production of small and medium-sized enology machines, has a wide variety of crushers in its catalog, with various sizes, according to the needs of end-users.

Grifo’s crushers are available in manual version and with electric motor, varnished or stainless steel. They are made of high quality materials and nylon rollers, which crush the acorns, are certified for contact with food, are adjustable and equipped with agitator. All supports and gears are made of nylon and they ensure their durability with a long service life and excellent end result. The manual versions support a production of 400-800 Kg / H, up to 700 – 1500 Kg. / H for electric motor models.

The materials with which they are made are of the highest quality and the finishes are precise and cured in the slightest detail. Hopper, stretcher and agitator are enamelled steel.

The versions with the electric motor are able to operate all the various mechanisms, from the agitator to the rollers, to the gears for the crushing of the grapes, minimizing the manual work of the operator, which must only supervise.

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