Fine vinegar? With Grifo Marchetti you can!

Fine vinegar? With Grifo Marchetti you can!

Grifo Marchetti of Piadena is a leading company in the production of machines dedicated to the agrofood industry. Thanks to its decades of experience, it offers its customers products that are respectful of the environment. But above all can help companies in the agricultural processes as delicate as complicated. Find out how you can use our machines for the production of vinegar!


For Grifo Marchetti enology is one of the most important production sectors, before expanding in fact to other areas. The company was entirely dedicated to the process of transformation from grape to wine to support producers. However, not many people know that you can use the typically  wine machines, such as destemmers, for the production of fine vinegar.


Machines for vinegar?

Yes, Grifo Marchetti machines are also suitable for the production of one of the key products of the Mediterranean diet. Wine vinegar seems to contribute positively to the glucose and lipid metabolism. In fact, its inclusion in the daily diet dates back thousands of years ago. When you take in a moderate way and before a meal with a high glycemic load, vinegar reduces the glycemic and insulinemic response.


You can use the main Grifo Marchetti machines to make a fine vinegar, specifically destemmers and presses. Destemmers are in fact functional to remove all the stones or twigs that can hinder the production of a smooth and delicate vinegar. Instead, the presses take the must from the grapes or the wine from the marc.  Grifo Marchetti presses can be pneumatic or hydro presses, in the first case they exploit the energy produced by air, in the second instead of water.


In any case, Grifo Marchetti machines always guarantee the best quality performance to always give the best results to customers. Discover the complete catalogue of our products here!