Does red wine contain the cure for COVID-19?

Does red wine contain the cure for COVID-19?

A substance contained in red wine could help counteract Coronavirus.

According to an international study published in February, a substance called “resveratrol” would represent a natural remedy to block the replication of the Mers virus, or the “close relative” of SARS-Cov-2, responsible for pneumonia from Covid-19.

Resveratrol is a non-flavonoid phenol and a phytoalexin naturally produced by numerous plants in response to attacks by pathogens such as bacteria or fungi. The main food sources of resveratrol are grape skin – the reason why wine could be the cure -, and many other sources.

The pharmacist Ettore Novellino, involved the Monaldi hospital in Naples, whose director of the Pneumology department Alessandro Sanduzzi Zamparelli, is carrying out the experimentation by means of an early administration of Taurisol (tablets containing the beneficial substances of the wine) to the ascertained cases of Coronavirus in the form of an aerosol, recently said: “After a single administration in 2 out of three patients, Interleukin 6 is halved on collection.”

So … Will red wine really save the world from COVID-19? Could … And while we wait for the test results we enjoy a good glass of wine made by us!

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