Do you know what a almanac is and what it is for?

Do you know what a almanac is and what it is for?

Let’s find out together!

If you have chosen to bottle your wine yourself for the first time this article is right for you… you can’t miss it!

As we all know, the culture of wine was born many years ago… and, it has always been much loved.

This ancient culture brings with it many traditions… including the lunar, which will help you in bottling!

According to this custom, in fact, the best way to bottle wine is to follow the phases of the moon.

Remember that bottling is a fundamental phase of the process, which will affect the final taste of your product!

Precisely for this reason the use of the almanac will help you during this phase… because it will show you which are the best months and days to bottle.

Let’s start with the basics… then first you need to know that, there are four phases of the moon:

• First quarter.
• Full moon.
• Black moon.
• Last quarter.

The simple basic rules that you will absolutely have to follow because they are of fundamental importance are three:

• Do not bottle with the new black moon.
• Do not bottle if it rains or is windy.
• Keep the bottles standing, in a cool place without light.

But bottling is not easy because every year these four phases change and consequently the best days to bottle also change.

So now you may be wondering which is the best moon for bottling in 2022?

Let’s find out together thanks to The Almanac 2022 by Grifo Marchetti!

Which you can download directly from here:


Thanks to the almanac of Grifo Marchetti this year you can bottle on the perfect days in order to obtain a wine with an exceptional taste!