The decanting of the wine… What is it for?

The decanting of the wine… What is it for?

Decanting is the fundamental secret to obtaining perfect wines!

It is said that rackings are the secret of perfect wines and experience teaches that this corresponds to the truth.
In fact, the decanting of wine allows to obtain very limpid wines, allows the elimination of solid and unwanted substances, therefore it allows to obtain more “finewines from an organoleptic point of view.

Why is the wine racked?
Because immediately after the end of fermentation, the wine is cloudy and with many suspended particles which, in addition to compromising its appearance, can, over time, cause alterations and defects.
Grifo‘s transfer pumps are perfect for transferring wine that has already been filtered into bottles … But in the case of not completely filtered and neutral liquids, a narrow mesh filter can be mounted on the suction pipe.

For efficient and perfect transfer, Grifo transfer pumps are perfect, thanks to their high self-suction capacity.
After obtaining the ready wine, it is possible to proceed with bottling thanks to the Grifo filling machines, which have an enamelled steel structure or, in the best-selling version, with a certified moplen tray for food use.

Grifo accompanies you from the pressing to the capping of your wine… With passion and determination we make sure that our machines accompany you in every process, without chemical additions and without mechanizing any process.

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