Cork or crown?

Cork or crown?

Fight the “cork flavor”!

For a winemaker every choice is important and for it to be successful it must be made with competence and carefully evaluating many variables.

One of the various questions to ask concerns the cork: “Which cork to use for corking wine?”

According to a study conducted by Walter Massa – a famous winemaker from Tortona – tasting the same wine corked in different ways, one can feel that the wine with the best flavor is the one closed with the crown cap.


With the crown cap, unlike that of cork, the so-called “cork” smell in the wine is avoided.

But what does it mean that “this wine tastes like a cork“?

The taste / smell of cork is due to the presence of a fungus, the Armillaria Mellea, an infesting cork oak, which has trichloroanisole (TCA) as a product of secondary metabolism. This molecule gives the wine an odor that can be described as that of a moldy newspaper or – simply – of “wet dog”.

The crown cap, on the other hand, is increasingly preferred by more people, as it manages to limit the amount of oxygen that enters the bottle each year, and which can cause oxidation of the liquid.

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