Beer is the summer drink!

Beer is the summer drink!

Why is it so consumed by everyone?

For the 70% of the adult population, the consumption of beer is confirmed as a convivial pleasure. 9 out of 10 consumers (92%) always drink it with a meal or close to the meal. Dinner is the most popular consumption occasion (78%, with peaks among the over 35), in front of an aperitif and after dinner (respectively (18% and 21%, especially among the youngest). With one constant: beer is always drinks in company, whether they are friends (54%) or family (41%).

But why is the consumption of beer so widespread?

Among the greatest benefits of beer, there are 3 that certainly do not go unnoticed. Here are what they are:

  1. Decreases cold symptoms;
  2. It brings vitamins and minerals to our body;
  3. Improve social relationships.

Let’s see together why…

It decreases cold symptoms because it contains humulone, a chemical compound that can help the body fight the virus that causes the common flu in adults.

In addition, it is an incredible source of vitamins and minerals: B vitamins, especially B12, potassium, magnesium, etc.

Finally, beer improves our social relationships and our perception of the world.

The Department of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology at University Hospital Basel argues that alcohol increases certain aspects of our character and perceptions, such as sympathy, openness to others, talkativeness, happiness and the desire to stay. with the others.

One more reason to think about the next beer right away!