Beer sommelier: who is he and what does he do?

Beer sommelier: who is he and what does he do?

Surely you have heard of wine or oil sommeliers, but did you know that there is also a beer sommelier? Let’s find out with Grifo!

As you can imagine, the beer sommelier is a professional figure who judges the quality of this drink. But his role is also to suggest the best combinations to enhance the taste. In recent years, the popularity of beer has increased exponentially. More and more local require the presence of an expert who can propose combinations to meet the tastes of all customers.  The main aspects on which its evaluation is based are: organoleptic characteristics, tapping, foam and temperature.

To become a beer sommelier, you must first receive certification that can attest to knowledge of some of the most important notions to fulfill this role:

  • History, the so-called “birrography”
  • Types and raw materials
  • Production techniques
  • HACCP procedures and occupational hygiene
  • Nutritional aspects
  • Combinations with food

This information allows to build a wealth of useful information to be able to support both the consumer and the producer in the discovery of beer. Today, in fact, beer sommeliers are true connoisseurs able to offer professional advice to both craft brewers and industrial realities. However, its role does not stop at the production and tasting of the beverage. In fact, its presence is often essential in the communication phase of the product, therefore in its presentation and promotion.

Grifo Marchetti always thinks about the future, for this reason he has been dedicating himself for some years to the production of machines in the brewing sector. Its corkers, fillers, transfer pumps are in fact among the most requested on the market, thanks to their cutting-edge technology and sustainability, an aspect that more and more traders are looking for.

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