Wine… When is it bottled?

Wine… When is it bottled?

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Bottling wine means transferring the wine from demijohns to bottles and it is a long-standing ritual … This is why it is important to do it in the best possible way with the right tools and precautions.

First of all, is it important to know when to bottle? Based on the phases of the moon!

This is why we have already talked about Grifo’s 2021 almanac … And if you missed it, you can download it here: Download it!

In addition to the period, before starting to bottle it is better to understand what all the steps are, because although it is very easy, it is important to know from the beginning what this practice consists of and what are the accessories and tools necessary to do it.

In the “enologysection of our site, you can find all the tools suitable for the processing of your wine, with various explanations to help you at every stage.

Furthermore, we guarantee the reliability and quality of the machinery, because each machine is built with care and attention to every detail.

Among the machines we find: bottle racks, to dry washed bottles and bottle drainers to sanitize the bottles and make them ready for bottling.

While, as regards actual bottling, the filling machines that Grifo offers are for domestic use. Their operation of the machine is called “gravity“: thanks to the principle of communicating vessels, it allows to carry out bottling operations even in environments without electricity.

Finally, even the Grifo capping machines certainly do not lack comfort and practicality; their height is adjustable by means of a lever and guarantees effortless capping but with excellent results.

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