The art of the wine producer.

The art of the wine producer.

With the right tools you can!

It is known as “the nectar of the gods“. Wine is the drink of pleasure par excellence. Grapes have been cultivated since ancient times to produce this fermented alcoholic drink.

Maintaining traditional values ​​- or rather – seeking innovative paths and techniques are fundamental elements for producing wine. Production methods change substantially not only from country to country,
but also from region to region, from one producer to another in the same area.

Our country is, in fact, today one of the pillars of wine production.
In Italy great excellences are produced, known and loved all over the world; even if, there are small productions where the quality is still high, because producing your own wine is a highly satisfying activity.

Grifo takes care of all those small producers who care about their vineyard and the production of their wine.
Our goal is, in fact, to accompany you from the harvest to the tasting of the final product.

The special feature of Grifo‘s machines is that they do not aim to replace the hands of the most expert producer, but rather aim to maintain the true flavor of nature, without “mechanizing” the transformation process.

But not only that, they are made of easily recyclable materials because contributing, even in small things, can make a difference … Each of us can help nature and the Grifo Macchine Enologiche company of Piadena Drizzona has decided to do so; investments and research for increasingly advanced machinery that are powered by renewable sources, and are equipped with systems that suck up the dust emitted.
For a producer, every choice is important, and to be successful it must be made with competence and carefully evaluating many variables.

With Grifo‘s oenological tools, you can’t go wrong!