Wine in Ancient Greece!

Wine in Ancient Greece!

The importance of wine in Greece from yesterday to today… with Grifo!

Among the numerous merits that Greece had within the cultural panorama of the ancient Mediterranean area there was also that of the spread of the culture of wine, the so-called “drink of Dionysus“.

Why Dionysus? Because he was one of the oldest mythological figures in the Greek pantheon: god of fertility, vegetation and wine.

According to Greek mythology, Dionysus would in fact have given wine to men and would have taught them the production methods and its correct consumption. Dionysian feasts and Orphic cults were held in his honor, in which wine was the absolute protagonist.

The wine of the Ancient Greeks, however, was very different from that produced today, rich as it was in sweet scents due to the addition of honey and spices, or following an incredibly long drying that almost completely deprived the grape of water, leaving only the sugar.

Wine in Greece today is a world to be discovered. In fact, there are many producers who have focused on quality and modern winemaking systems in the last thirty years.

And Grifo knows something about it! The innovation and ideas of the Marchettis – the two brothers at the head of the company – lead them to invent products that are increasingly avant-garde and suitable for the market.

From yesterday until today, Greece has maintained the attention and desire to produce wine while respecting the ancient traditions that characterize it … This is why the Greek producers have chosen Grifo

The guiding principle of the company has always been to maintain the naturalness and genuineness of the foods that are processed by Grifo machinery; for this reason it has gradually implemented the technologies allowing its machines to become real “friends of nature“.

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