How to combine wine and food?

How to combine wine and food?

Find out with Grifo!

Everything is organized for your dinner: friends to invite, the menu, the color of the tablecloth to match the candles … And the wine? how many times has it happened to you to get stuck when choosing the wine to pair with? White or red? Structured or light? Aromatic or fruity? The only solution would be to try the dishes with different wines, but this is not always possible.

A wine is even better if you taste it paired with your favorite dishes. Personal taste is certainly fundamental, but professionals and experts have developed and codified a series of techniques for the correct combination of food and wine… Which ones? Grifo explains it to you.

Here are the top 2 tips (from many others):

  1. Pairing by tradition

Italy has a deeply rooted culinary history, ingredients and recipes strongly linked to the territories. The same is true for combinations: they arise from established habits and are handed down from generation to generation. Would you dare to interrupt a tradition?

  1. Seasonality

It is based on the principle that in the various seasons you need different dishes and therefore the wines must also be adapted. In summer, light dishes and fresh whites are preferred. Conversely, in winter, we look for warm, structured and “caloric” dishes, and more full-bodied and complex red wines.


Finally, the goal of the combination is to create a harmonious marriage between wine and food, capable of enhancing the characteristics of both and above all balancing them.

But first of all, the wine must be pleasant and well preserved … That’s why there is Grifo!

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