The right moon to bottle!

The right moon to bottle!

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Grifo has always paid great attention to all the details of wine production and to the traditions that have guided the behavior of our farmers for centuries.

The almanac was born, in fact, because one of the most sacred legends of the wine sector tells us that wine must be bottled strictly following the lunar phases.

It has been – for millennia – in the interest of farmers, due to the influence of the moon on crops. Many farmers take into account the phase in which the moon is found to carry out various agricultural works, such as sowing, transplanting, harvesting and pruning.

But what are the phases of the moon and why are they important?

The lunar phases indicate the appearance that the Moon shows to the Earth during its perpetual motion.

In the wine sector there are four important positions that dictate the timing of the almanac and consequently of the bottling of the wine: the first quarter of the moon, the full moon, the last quarter and the black moon … To be always updated, the Grifo is the solution!

And what is the money?

The almanac or “lunar” calendar is a normal calendar of the year, which shows the lunar phases of each month.

It therefore allows you to know which phase the moon is in and quickly identify the days of full moon, new moon, waxing phase and waning phase. For those who want to follow the moon in sowing and other garden work, it is an indispensable tool.

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