The pomegranate jam!

The pomegranate jam!

How you do it?

Sweet, creamy, inviting: pomegranate jam is a joy for the mouth and the spirit, because it is prepared with genuine ingredients. Together with pomegranate, in fact, it is made with green apples, sugar and lemon juice, for a truly intriguing mix.

To prepare the pomegranate jam, the first step is to get quality pomegranates, and then proceed with their shelling… But what a very long job!

Don’t worry, Grifo has the solution to prepare your pomegranate jam smoothly and without wasting time and food!

Grifo offers a new machine on the market that makes the pomegranate shelling operation completely automatic. Because? Because pomegranate has many benefits but the extraction of its juice requires maximum precision and delicacy.

The deshellers you find in Piadena at Grifo are the best solution: quality and delicacy allow you to work that fruit in the best possible way.

After having easily and quickly shelled the pomegranates, thanks to the Grifo desheller, we can macerate the seeds overnight with sugar… Then boil them with water and lemon, and finally blend until the right consistency.

And here is the pomegranate jam: good, simple and fast, with Grifo’s tools!