The beauty of small things

The beauty of small things

In spring nature awakens and, in coincidence with the celebration of Easter, the return of life is celebrated in various ways, through festivals in which eggs, sweets and other elements are never missing. After the long winter break, Nature awakens in spring and celebrates the return of life in various ways.

In spring, in fact, from the ground new tender plants sprout, on the branches of the trees buds return, then leaves and flowers. Thus among the symbols of spring, pagan and religious festivals, floral motifs are never lacking, believed to be bearers of joy and ideal to awaken the spirit.

Another symbol that characterizes the holidays between March and May: the egg. Just think of the importance of the Easter egg for Christians, of the ancient custom of coloring and giving boiled eggs, and more recently of chocolate. Regardless of the faith and convictions of everyone, therefore, Easter has a unique meaning, which is that of respect for life and for the earth.

Respecting the earth is important for respecting ourselves.

Respecting ourselves therefore means reducing waste, not polluting, recycling and using alternative energy.

The Marchetti family is constantly evolving to use new 0-impact systems that can support the environment without setting aside the highest quality.

In the online catalog you can see our environmentally friendly products in particular in view of the spring festival. We offer corkers machines that guarantee an excellent result while preserving the work prior to bottling.

At Easter the important things are: eating well, being together and drinking good wine.

Our corkers machines are suitable for cork and crown caps. The TCSGC and TCSG versions have an aluminum head, drawn in steel with different bases that give greater power and reliability that characterize the capping machines for the crown cap.

In any case, Easter is abundance, it is a holiday, it is life.

Happy Easter from the Marchetti family!