Summer, color, vitamins… Enjoy fruit with Grifo!

Summer, color, vitamins… Enjoy fruit with Grifo!
Fruit… The best ally of vitamins… Grifo knows that!


Summer is one of the things we love most: the sun, the sea, ice cream, but above all the fruit of this season!

Cherries, strawberries, apricots, watermelon, peaches and much more… All this fruitsvgives us a crazy charge, both for the vitamins and nutrients it offers to us, also for the color, flavor and aroma.

But why is it so important? Well, it is diuretic and moisturizing, prevents cardiovascular diseases, helps wound healing, protects in case of colds and flu, strengthens the immune system, and lowers cholesterol … We convinced you right?!

To cope with the summer heat, therefore, it is good to arm yourself with Grifo products; perfect for enjoying fruit in every way: pureed, pitted, cut for fruit salad, crushed.

The Grifo range of fruit processing machines includes various products that allow the processing of apples in particular, but also pears, pomegranate, plums, apricots, cherries and more.

We have a manual or electric motor machine, consisting of a stainless steel hopper and equipped with toothed rollers, ideal for crushing stone-free fruit.
Other machines proposed are the pomegranate desheller and the destoner suitable for removing stones in plums, apricots and cherries. Finally, to complete the range, there is the mill for fruit.

In short, there are no more excuses; in smoothies, desserts or fruit salads, this summer you can enjoy all the fruit to the fullest, to make a load of energy and vitamins!