Red wine or white wine? Find out with Grifo!

Red wine or white wine? Find out with Grifo!

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In recent years, wine has been increasingly at the center of attention; above all it was at the center of the debate “better white or red for health and diet?”

Now we will find out with Grifo, which of the two is the best to drink, if in addition to the flavor you are also looking for well-being.

These two types of wine are very similar in calories and in quantity of carbohydrates, but the difference begins to show up in the different sugar levels, although the difference is still negligible.

In fact, what most distinguishes white from red wine are polyphenols: the red one contains twenty times more than the white  and their function within the human body is to help keep human cells healthy, therefore they slow down aging.

In addition, the grape skin used to give life to red wine contains a molecule called resveratrol: it has an anti-tumor function, has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

What about white one? Its preparation does not involve the use of pomace and skins, so people might think that it does less well than the red one.

In reality, white wine contains caffeic acid. It strengthens the protection of the cardiovascular system thanks to a mechanism of action that concerns nitric oxide, which is a molecule that protects the fluidity of the blood and therefore prevents venous and arterial obstructions.

Whether you choose to drink a glass of red or white wine, make sure of its quality and controlled ingredients … Create the wine you want to taste with your friend or on your own, with Grifo Marchetti in Piadena, you can!