Ragù thanks to Grifo’s MEAT MINCER and TOMATO MACHINE.

Ragù thanks to Grifo’s MEAT MINCER and TOMATO MACHINE.

Ragù like the one of your granny? We try with Grifo’s MEAT MINCER!

“The ragù is not a sauce, but the story and the poem of a sauce”

(Giuseppe Marotta)

The ragù is certainly one of the most famous Italian dishes both in Italy and in the world. This condiment has ancient origins, precisely it is believed that the recipe can be placed at the end of 1700, thanks to Alberto Alvisi, chef of the Cardinal of Imola then, who cooked the first real ragù, served with a plate of macaroni.
The last produced ragù, the most famous one in the world, is the Bolognese ragù; that is one presented to you at the Sunday’s lunches by your beloved grandmothers.
But how did grandmas make it so good? So special?
The first secret ingredient is definitely the love they put in the kitchen when preparing dishes for the dearest.

Besides love, to make the perfect ragù the secret ingredient is definitely the high quality of raw materials; if you want to replicate the your grandmothers’ ragù it is better to find yourself some meat, to be sure about the one you will use, and then later you can get an efficient meat mincer that will help you in your work.
But where can you find an efficient mincer but at the same time simple and practical to use?
Grifo Marchetti is the answer! Grifo’s meat mincers, besides being efficient but at the same time simple and practical to use, are also available in different sizes and weights.
Electric mincers in stainless steel or a cast-iron meat mincer: after choosing the one that best meets your needs, you can start to prepare the minced meat for your ragù.
In addition to meat, the other ingredient that makes ragù is the tomato.
Get some top quality tomatoes that then, for the tomato sauce, Grifo is taking care of it with its tomato machines!
Thanks to their professionality, quality and reliability you will be able to prepare a perfect tomato sauce in a quick and easy way.

Finally, all you have to do is cook your ragù and enjoy it with the whole family, because Grifo take care of everything else.
Grifo assist you in everyday life, Grifo is home, is quality.