The art of making beer thanks to Grifo’s FILLING MACHINES and CORKERS!

The art of making beer thanks to Grifo’s FILLING MACHINES and CORKERS!

Craft beer? Equip yourself right with Grifo’s FILLING MACHINES and CORKERS!

“I love the taste of the beer, its white, lively foam, its copper depth, the world that suddenly rises through the brown and damp walls of the glass… the foam in the corners.”
(Dylan Thomas)

And it’s true, you know, who doesn’t like beer? It’s not that there are bad beers, it’s that some of them simply have a better taste than others.
Grifo knows everything about beer, knows that everyone likes different types of beer.
From here comes the idea of the creation of Grifo Marchetti’s filling machine: a bottle filler that allows you to create a home-made beer in order to satisfy your palate.
Easy and fast, the Grifo’s filling machine use the principle of communicating vessels, and so allows the bottling even in areas that are without electricity.

The 4 ingredients that must never be lacking to make beer? Malt, hops, yeast and water.
You think about creating the perfect beer, then you can relax: with Grifo’s filling machines it will be easy to fill all the bottles you want: for you, for your friends, in short, for anyone who would like to taste your new creation.
Thanks to the float of the filling machine it is possible to interrupt the flow of the liquid inside the tray; it is also possible to change the filling level by moving the height of the support on which the bottles rest… I mean, if you’re looking for practicality and efficiency, you’re in the right place with Grifo’s filling machines.

And once you have created your own beer and bottled it perfectly, what do you do? Do you drink it all?
No, of course not! The bottles can be plugged by our corkers of various sizes, so you can preserve them at their best.
Use the Grifo’s corker machine to obtain an effortless capping but with excellent results.

But what if you don’t like beer? No problem, the filling machine produced by Grifo is suitable for treating all liquids, not only beer, but also wine or anything else that makes you happy!
What are you waiting for? Come and visit us in street Mantova, 1 in Piadena Drizzona (CR) to find out more about our filling machines and much more!