Jam or marmalade? Grifo explain that to you with its FRUIT CRUSHERS!

Jam or marmalade? Grifo explain that to you with its FRUIT CRUSHERS!

FRUIT CRUSHERS, friends of home-made.

More and more people lately have approached to natural products and package of homemade jams trying, increasingly, to avoid food preservatives.
Surely the choice to produce home-made jams happens to avoid food preservatives, but also for the genuine taste of natural products.

Making homemade jam is definitely not a simple job; first of all you have to get a fruit crusher to speed up the work, and then you have to know the difference between marmalade and jam.
The differences between marmalades and jams are based on the type and quantity of fruit contained in each product.
While the jam can be made using a wide variety of fruits, the marmalade is only the one with citrus fruit (orange, lemon, citron, grapefruit, etc.). In addition, in the marmalade the percentage of fruit must be at least 20%, while in jam the percentage of fruit cannot be less than 35%.

Now that you know the basics, you can try to prepare a good home-made jam and enjoy a sweet breakfast or snack without losing the taste of fresh fruit.
Grifo Marchetti, who has always assisted you in everyday life, thanks to his fruit crushers will help you to prepare delicious jams.
If you are traditional you can use the fruit crushers by hand that work thanks to a flywheel that transmits the rotating movements to the gears and causes the crushing and breaking of the fruit; while if you are too lazy, Grifo also offers models of fruit crushers by electric motor that, instead, work thanks to a powerful engine mounted on the machines that allows all the mechanisms to be driven to work the fruit.
All the fruit crushers, however, are built with quality materials and great attention to the details to ensure an effective processing of the fruit for your jams.

Grifo maintains the quality of fresh fruit and the genuineness of Made in Italy, while ensuring convenience and simplicity.
To learn more you can visit https://www.grifomarchetti.eu/ and choose the fruit crusher that best suits your needs.