Respect the environment with Grifo!

Respect the environment with Grifo!

Grifo machines: true friends of nature.

Respecting the environment is a fundamental principle for Grifo. The environment and nature give us everything we need, from grapes for our wine, to all fruit, even meat.

Destemmers to make wine, pomegranate desheller, presses or mills to work fruit, mincer for meat mince or tomato squeezer of quality… Grifo gives us all the necessary machinery to transform what is found in nature into healthy and genuine foods.

The additional note that characterizes Grifo machinery is that of eco-sustainability, a topic that has gradually become more and more on the agenda.

The machinery produced by Grifo are, in fact, made up of easily recyclable materials because contributing, even in small things, can make the difference …

In fact, the desire of both producers and consumers to respect the environment has increased, to produce and consume less industrial and increasingly wholesome, homemade foods

Why? Well, you know that what is homemade is more controlled, you know what you used to make that particular recipe.

Grifo’s machines do not aim to replace the hands of the most expert producer, but rather aim to maintain the true flavor of nature, without “mechanizing” the transformation process.

In short, as you would, but with less effort and more time saved.

Exquisitely Italian taste at competitive prices: this is Grifo from Piadena‘s goal!

For 53 years we have taken on the task of accompanying the passionate producer on the long path of transformation from nature to genuine product.