Empanadas at home with Grifo’s MEAT MINCERS!

Empanadas at home with Grifo’s MEAT MINCERS!

The best Argentine street food at home with our MEAT MINCERS.

Today we fly to Argentina, with a delicious dish but within everyone’s reach … We are talking about EMPANADAS!
The empanadas are pasta bundles filled with vegetables and/or meat, typical of Argentina and Chile, the Philippines and Latin America. They have the shape of a crescent moon and a length of about 12-15 cm and they can be fried or cooked in the oven.

We can trace the first steps in the world of empanadas in ancient Persia, centuries before Christ. There arises a first distant relative of the empanada who, thanks to the Persian kings who push the borders of their empire to India, this dish begins to undergo influences which will then be decisive for the final result.

The word Empanada, of Spanish origin, obviously comes from “pan“. This is because most of the first empanadas were simply sandwiches, emptied and stuffed with some stew.
But nowadays empanadas are much more than just sandwiches, they are real delights!

For a good empanada you definitely need a good filling … And what’s better than preparing it with our own hands?
Well, first we need to choose a quality meat – preferably beef – and then we move on to its mincing using a quality meat mincer.

Grifo offers a variety of efficient and functional meat mincers, both electric and manual: electric meat mincers differ in different body sizes and motors so that they can be useful for various needs. Although both guarantee excellent results.

Once the filling is finished, it’s time to prepare the real empanada, and then … Enjoy your meal!
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