Easter with Grifo!

Easter with Grifo!

Easter is the period of life, even that of wine.

Easter is the fundamental period for wine as it was for Christian religion; Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, while the producers take care of tasting the wine to see if it’s ready.
In fact, in April the wine reaches the equilibrium in the bottle, after vinification and aging in the basement of the cellar.

In the Bible, the vine symbolizes the well-being and fruitfulness to which wine is closely connected, as a symbol of joy, celebration, banquet.
And what better way to celebrate both rebirths than to proudly bring a good wine produced by us to the tables?

Fortunately, Easter falls in April this year, so we can taste our wine full of love and commitment… Yes, because to make wine you have to follow the months, the seasons; patience and knowledge are required, and it is an art reserved only to the most careful producer.

Whether it is large, or small, wine production needs the best technologies in order to succeed.
Our company, Grifo, aims to ensure that the machinery offered are up to the hands of the small manufacturer; they aim to maintain the true flavor of nature, without “mechanizing” the transformation process.

At Easter we celebrate LIFE: in Christianity, in wine, in nature that is reborn with spring … And in this moment more than ever, efforts must be made to respect the rebirth of nature, of the earth.
Grifo has gradually implemented the technologies allowing its machinery to become real “friends of nature”. Discover our eco-friendly products, for a perfect wine!

In this situation, even if it is not possible to celebrate Easter physically, it can be celebrated with the heart, as we of the Grifo team will do. We have temporarily stopped the production to preserve and protect our and your health, but we won’t stop designing, or dreaming.