Discover Grifo Marchetti all the advantages of olive oil!

Discover Grifo Marchetti all the advantages of olive oil!

Olive oil was born many years ago in 4,000 a.c. and still today represents a fundamental ingredient of the Mediterranean diet.

The main feature of this food is certainly its versatility, because it can be used in a thousand different ways; from appetizers to desserts, raw or cooked, it never disappoints, it always gives us an excellent result, making every dish special, thanks to that extra touch that provides a unique and special taste.

In addition, it has different gradations of taste ranging from light fruity, passing through the medium up to the strong; so, there’s something for everyone!

The color also varies from green to yellow, green indicates that younger olives were used while yellow indicates that the olives used were already more ripe.

Extra virgin olive oil has an excellent beneficial characteristic for our body because being produced exclusively by squeezing olives, without other additions, it keeps intact all its natural properties. This makes it the most suitable fat for human nutrition and provides it with many valuable characteristics that I will list below:

– Possesses a high rate of digestibility.

– It is recommended during weaning of newborns.

– Contains polyphenols, antioxidants with incredible properties.

– Preserves memory by protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s.

– Provides energy.

– It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids that prevent the appearance of cardiovascular disorders.

– It is poor in saturated fatty acids that cause occlusion of the arteries.

– Reduces the percentage of cholesterol.

– Reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and thrombosis contributing to the health of the arteries.

– Contributes to the health of the bone structure and heart.

– It is a valuable ally for sportsmen.

– It is rich in squalene, a very effective substance to counteract skin cancers.

But that’s not all… because olive oil in addition to all its beneficial properties is also a great ally for our beauty, in fact:

– It is a natural source of vitamin E.

– It is perfect against redness and irritation.

– It is an antioxidant against skin aging.

– Nourishes the skin in depth.

– It is ideal for dull or damaged hair.

– And finally it is also used against brittle nails and against skin spots on the hands.

And now that I have explained to you how important and precious this food is, discover all the products of Grifo Marchetti for the production of oil.

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