Create your cellar with Grifo’s GRAPE CRUSHERS and GRAPE STALK REMOVERS!

Create your cellar with Grifo’s GRAPE CRUSHERS and GRAPE STALK REMOVERS!

Grifo with its grape stalk removers will help you to create your wine cellar.

Today Grifo Marchetti wants to give an advice to all those people who, in October, tried to prepare the famous “risotto with pumpkin”, but they were confused about the choice of the wine that match with this recipe.
Nobody spies on you, we know that pumpkin is the vegetable of the month and that it acts as a guest both in the tables and in everyday recipes…
But we also know that matching the right wine with pumpkin risotto is not an easy task, because it has a flavour that tends to sweet and a delicate taste, that can’t be overwhelmed.

The solution to this problem? The Grifo’s grape destemmers and grape stalk removers can help you to solve your problem, but now we explain how it is possible that two machines can do this.

Since the choice of wine that match with your risotto with pumpkin can be done by similarity or contrast and so it is a subjective choice, why not to rely on Grifo to create a wine made especially for you, to satisfy your palate?
The various machinery offered by Grifo will allow you to monitor the entire process of processing grapes and create your own cellar. You can create white wine thanks to the grape crusher, or if you prefer red wine, you can count on the grape stalk removers
Creating a wine cellar has never been so simple, you can surprise everyone by delighting them with a wine produced with your own hands.

On you can learn more about becoming real wine artisans!

Rely on the quality and the genuineness of Made in Italy, rely on us.