Cotechino for every season!

Cotechino for every season!

With our meat mincers!

Cotechino is a product that in the collective imagination is linked to the holidays. It is the unmissable dish of New Year’s Eve, accompanied by a side dish of lentils, as it is considered auspicious, but it is traditionally also found in the convivial tables of Sunday lunches, especially in Northern Italy. Yet, it is a food that can be eaten all year round, on the occasion you prefer because it is very versatile and lends itself to being presented in original shapes and combinations. In short, it has the winning characteristics to be “seasonally adjusted“.

Each Norcino has its own secrets and ways to prepare this cotechino… We give you a general principle for the preparation of cotechino in our areas:

First of all, it is good to choose the right meat, such as capocollo and rind.

With the Grifo meat mincer, proceed to mince the chosen meat, and then add all the mixture to the spices, including: salt, pepper, other spices and finally, filtered wine.

To finish, insert the ground and seasoned meat into the Baghetta or artificial leather using a spoon. At the end, prick here and there with a toothpick and squeeze to let any air out. Finally, close the end with a string… And it’s ready!

It’s that simple? Of course, with Grifo meat mincers!

Grifo offers a wide range of electric and manual meat mincers for domestic use: the electric meat mincers differ in their different body sizes and motorizations so that they can be useful for various needs.