Cider, juice, plenty of vitamins with Grifo’s mill for fruit!

Cider, juice, plenty of vitamins with Grifo’s mill for fruit!

Spring has never been so pleasant; completely enjoy it with the juices prepared thanks to Grifo’ mill for fruit.

Apple cider is becoming a popular drink in Italy as an aperitif, both as an alternative to table wine but also as a purifying and slimming supplement.
Slimming? Yes, apple cider is a generally a low alcoholic drink, which is obtained by fermenting apple juice.
In addition to its taste, apple cider is also a digestive drink that helps regulate certain intestinal functions, which is why it becomes an ideal drink after large meals.

But how to prepare this beneficial drink?
There are many recipes for making apple cider at home, with different variations and techniques: the most common preparation is the classic method of natural fermentation, which involves chopping and squeezing the apples and letting the yeasts naturally present in the peel of the fruit act for a few months, then filter the obtained mixture and bottle it.

Grifo, for the preparation of an excellent apple cider, offers the mill for fruit on the market.
The powerful engine mounted on Grifo’s mill for fruit allows it to quickly shred fruits with no kernel, such as apples and pears; after a subsequent squeezing the result translates into juices, cider, spirits and much more.

This mill for fruit is perfect, therefore, not only for the preparation of an excellent cider, but it can also be used for fruit juices rich in vitamins.
It is known that spring is the period in which vitamins are most needed, therefore, green light for fruits and vegetables of all kinds.
With Grifo’s mill for fruit you can create liters of juice, to survive this spring 2020!