Grifo Marchetti is sustainability

Grifo Marchetti: sustainable agri-food

Grifo Marchetti is an Italian company that produces machinery for the processing of wine and oil, fruit and beer. Founded in 1967, the company has a long tradition of quality and innovation, with the aim of helping companies and individuals concretely and professionally bringing on the tables of customers products characterized by the true authenticity and quality of Made in Italy. But Grifo Marchetti is not only a successful industrial reality, it is also an example of responsibility and sustainability. In fact, the company does its part by making its contribution to achieving carbon neutrality and has reached the goal of zero carbon emissions by obtaining certification, through the use of renewable energy sources and the adoption of energy efficiency and saving measures.

Grifo Marchetti, in particular, has installed solar panels to produce electricity and buys green energy produced only from renewable sources, such as wind, hydroelectric and photovoltaic. Furthermore, thecompany employs BambooPro, a project that promotes the cultivation of bamboo in Italy for commercial, industrial, and reclamation purposes. With its bamboo farm, the company absorbs the CO2 produced by its activities and contributes to the preservation of nature. With its bamboo farm, the company absorbs the CO2 produced by its activities and contributes to the preservation of nature.

Grifo Marchetti: zero emission company

Grifo Marchetti, leading company in the production of machines for wine, beer, oil and food, has been dedicated for years to making its company more sustainable. Its mission is to support agricultural producers, bringing out the true taste of Made in Italy.

Firstly specialized in wine making machines, for some years the company has extended its catalogue to the brewing, olive and food sector, to offer a wide range of choice to its customers. From crushers to capping machines, from juicers to grinders, the machines by Grifo Marchetti, guarantee quality, innovation and attention to the environment.

For Grifo Marchetti, respecting nature means investing in the production of machines, so that they avoid any negative impact on the environment.

In 2022, after years of research and investment in technologies that combine innovation and sustainability, Grifo Marchetti of Piadena Drizzona obtained the “Zero EmissionCompany” certification, awarded to companies that use energy obtained from renewable sources. Certification is awarded according to three criteria:


Carbon Footprint, a parameter that goes to calculate the environmental impact by estimating greenhouse gas emissions in tons during the production cycle of a company;


Carbon Offset and Compensation, zeroing of the quantities of greenhouse gases produced through environmental compensation activities (energy use, technological efficiency, reforestation);


Zero Emission, proof of zero greenhouse gas emissions from daily activities related to energy, gas and transport consumption;

BambooPro: agriculture of the future

BambooPro is a young and enterprising company, which has made sustainability a real lifestyle. Despite being born a few years ago, it has been characterized by the tenacious commitment and constant support of its customers to realize its mission: to transform part of the Italian bamboo plantations into mitigation projects.

Thanks to a blockchain mechanism, BambooPro generates carbon dioxide compensation certificates for companies that want to contribute by financing a bamboo forest.

Why bamboo? The choice of this cultivation finds oriental inspirations, in these territories its use is in fact customary for a variety of areas: from the textile to the architectural sector, from bioplastics to paper. In addition, one of the most relevant features of this plant is its sustainability. Thanks to its deep roots, it is able to propagate rapidly in the soil and the amount of carbon it can purify is about sixteen times higher than trees.

Bamboo plantations also have several environmental benefits, not only does it help with climate mitigation, but they promote wildlife protection and use less water resources.

Grifo Marchetti and BambooPro: the collaboration of the future

Every reality can make its contribution because even the smallest gestures can make a big difference on our Earth. Grifo Marchetti and BambooPro know this well, and with determination and commitment they create projects for environmental sustainability.

Grifo Marchetti, located in Piadena Drizzona, after years of attention to the environmental problem, has joined the BambooPro program, mitigating its greenhouse gas emissions with 20,000 kg of CO2.

Grifo Marchetti has decided to support this project for its originality and for the philosophy of BambooPro. The company is in fact firmly opposed to all greenwashing practices that see the tendency to imprint marketing strategies on sustainability, to deceive the consumer of environmental commitment.

The BambooPro project is instead certified by token, a digital document released by the Blockchain platform that presents a unique code, linked to the plantation associated with the mitigation project. The reliability of these certifications is also guaranteed by the patronage received by Legambiente, the most important environmental association in Italy.