Wine and ecology: let’s discover its sustainability with Grifo Marchetti!

Wine and ecology: let’s discover its sustainability with Grifo Marchetti!

In recent years the environmental problem has become a constant concern for our society and certainly the food sector is one of the most polluting. For this reason it is important to have a healthier diet and buy organic products, today in particular we will analyze the sustainability of wine.

Wine is in fact one of the most appreciated products made in Italy all over the world and, unlike what you might think, has several benefits for the health of man, obviously if consumed in moderation. The wine contains polyphenols, organic molecules that promote blood circulation and generally benefit the circulatory system. Some recent studies have also hypothesized that red wine can help in case of gallbladder stones and that white wine instead prevents rheumatic diseases.

But have you ever thought about the environmental impact that its production has?

One of the most important parameters, to be taken into account when talking about sustainability, is the so-called carbon footprint, that is, a data that calculates the CO2 emissions in the life cycle of the product under consideration. The data regarding wine are impressive, the results have in fact determined a carbon footprint that oscillates between 0.10 and 0.13 kilograms of carbon dioxide, a result that allows the wine to be placed in the first places of beverages with less environmental impact. Just think that beer corresponds to 0.25 kg, coffee to 0.40 kg and milk even counts 0.80 kg.
To better understand this data, it is useful to compare the result to other parameters: 0.13kg of carbon dioxide corresponds to 0.7 kilometers made in the car and 0.07 cubic meters of gas.


We at Grifo Marchetti have at heart the environmental issue and for this we are committed to ensuring our customers of machines always zero carbon emissions, take a look at our catalog to find out more!