The famous Hamburger, exported by the Germans in the United States, born at the beginning of 800 as a disc of minced meat, has become so popular that it deserves 24 hours of world festival.

It can be fast-food or Gourmet, very seasoned and in light version.

This dish has become a real modern icon, in Italy, the hamburger becomes a cult in the years ‘ 80 when McDonald’s arrives in the beautiful country triggering the palates of people and finding sales of well 34 million sandwiches per year.

A loyal companion of tasty and fun days in company, this meatball is a simple and quick recipe even as you do it yourself.

The quickest way to produce a Hamburger in all sauces is to make use of a Grifo Marchetti mincer, a range of professional and industrial machines with a classic design, for manual use, for example ” Stainless-steel manual meat mincer n°8 cod. TRITM-I-8” https://www.grifomarchetti.eu/product/stainless-steel-manual-meat-mincer-n8/, for example ” Cast-iron electric meat mincer n° 22 Motor Hp 1,5 cod. TRIT-G-22-1.5” https://www.grifomarchetti.eu/product/cast-iron-electric-meat-mincer-n-22-motor-hp-15/

Tips that also apply to those who like to prepare their own meat at home in a convenient and practical way, experimenting with recipes that could inspire your curiosity and ignite your appetite.

You can thus through the Grifo Marchetti mincer, multifunctional objects of excellent quality, prepare two soft slices of bread that gently embrace minced meat, often beef, but also pork and chicken flavored by many other bizarre Elements.

Entrust to our company your trust. The Marchetti family continues its investments with high energy saving plants through the use of solar panels and production technologies with reduced environmental impact.

The enthusiasm that drives the hand of the producer is the plus that marks the results of success.
Enjoy your meal.