A wide range of corkers for your wines, juices and beers.

A wide range of corkers for your wines, juices and beers.

To perfectly preserve wine, juice or beer, after having them bottled is essential to plug the bottles correctly to ensure an optimal final result. A bad capping can compromise the quality of the wine and ruin the trouble of cultivating the vines and harvested them, the same goes for juice or beer. It can happen that the cork, not adhering perfectly to the neck of the bottle, leaves out the wine or get in contact with oxygen losing its qualities.

Thanks to Grifo’s corkers, the result is assured. Professionalism, quality, accuracy and Made in
Italy are the values that guide the cremonese company that produces machinery for winemaking for fifty years. With its wide range of corkers, simply choose the type that best fits your wine and bottle to guarantee a perfect capping.

The corkers of Grifo can be used for stopper corks as well as for crown corks. Models for crown corks are characterized by power and reliability, especially in versions for crown caps TCSGC and TCSG presenting an aluminium head and drawn in steel with cast iron or chrome.

The TCSGC is the best of its kind, possibly suitable for professional use and intensive, with a heavy and reliable structure in aluminium and steel, with holes at the base for fixing. Adjustable in height by a lever, it can be used for various types of bottles, from small ones for fruit juices to those big magnum type. Similar characteristics to the TCSG, which has a base in painted cast iron.
Thanks to the particular mechanisms and gears designed by GRIFO that are inside of the head-board, capping is effortless and the results is excellent

Anyway the selection of corkers covers all needs with lighter and economical machines but always excellent in their own category.

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