Juices and more … every taste with the products of Grifo

Juices and more … every taste with the products of Grifo

Having a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating as natural as possible, helps you live longer and stay in shape. Fruits and vegetables are essential for our well-being and experts advise to take at least five servings each day. But this is not always possible. Otherwise you can drink smoothies, centrifuges and even fruit juices, even better if done “in house” without preservatives and colorants.

Grifo, producer of wine-making machines and fruit processing, offers a range of useful machinery to turn any type of fruit in juice, both for professional use by small businesses, and for fans. The prod-ucts include various tools for processing in particular apples but also pears, pomegranates, plums, apricots, cherries and more. Crushers, mills, hydro presses, pneumatic presses and pumps are some of the proposals by Grifo.

Practical and functional is the small handmade fruit crusher small, in stainless steel (article PIP), ide-al for the processing of the fruit without kernel, especially ideal for apples and pears, for those who want to produce natural juices or cider. The smallest of the fruit crusher produced by Grifo is com-posed of a stainless-steel hopper, as all the screws, from enameled steel stretcher. A flywheel allows manual operation and transmits the spin gear and toothed rollers for crushing action and dividing of the fruit. Rollers and wheels are entirely made of nylon, with stainless steel knives, guaranteed and certified for alimentary use. Thanks to the quality of the materials with which it is made, is a ma-chine that guarantees reliability and robustness over time, as well as an excellent product processing which by a subsequent passage in hydro presses or in vacuum presses, allows to obtain the juice from consumed fresh or store with a subsequent pasteurisation or fermented turns into cider. The PIP small fruit crusher can be supplied also in electric version and, for those who wish, there are larger models (PIG, PIGMO and AM1).

But the range of fruit machines also includes gins for pomegranate that with a second pass, as al-ready explained, allows to obtain one of the healthiest juices in nature; or the destoner divide pulp and kernel from plums, apricots and cherries to produce juices, jams, spirits or other.

To find all the tools you need to produce tasty juices visit site www.grifomarchetti.eu.