Happy birthday Grifo!

Happy birthday Grifo!

Grifo blew out 50 candles, thanks to the passion and the diligence of Marchetti’s family. This is a very important goal for Grifo, that in 2017 celebrate 50 years of activity.

A success that has lasted over the years thanks to the promise and the fondness of his founder, Giordano Marchetti, that, starting from the production of small wine-making machines, has come to create a company that has customers all over the world.

Thanks to the reliability, precision and quality Made in Italy, Grifo’s wine-making machines are established in time and are made for a wide range of productions. A steady technological development made to satisfy the customers’ needs, it’s the basis of the work of the sons Donato and Luca, that continue the father’s job.
The client is always at the center of attention for Grifo, that studies and sets up new machines that can guarantee a high quality final product with minor effort and in less time. Our machines are so effective and constantly improved thanks to the customers feedbacks, in order to give them what they need.
Besides the grapes’s lavoration, Grifo finds space even for the processing of fruit into juices, ciders, liquors and distillates.

Well-worn fifties, animated by the passion for what it’s produced and for the wine.
The winning cards of the company are professionalism, competitive prices and quality, that besides the customer’s satisfaction, it brings to the table healthy and genuine products, made in autonomy.

2017 for Grifo is a year to celebrate, to recognize the great job done by the compay in these years, never losing sight of the way and the final goal. 2017 is also a starting point and the motivation to continue in the sign of Made in Italiy’s quality, winking to the possibility to grow more and go on on improve our product.

To find more about Grifo’s range of products, visit the site www.grifomarchetti.eu