Grifo updates itself

Grifo updates itself
The spring of 2017 brought online a new company website, with a clearer and simpler graphic, more intuitive and with the introduction of new products.

It was necessary to renew the company image on the web and improve his business card, making it more attractive.

All products of the company, specialized for over 50 years in selling wine-making machines, thanks to the new format, are easily seen in the various specific sections, each accompanied by the char-acteristics and technical specifications. With a few clicks, directly from the homepage you can get more information and download the catalogue online.

In the foreground the history and experience of the company, a simplified menu with a few essen-tial items for navigation but that highlight key sections.

News, contacts and access to the site in English complete the picture of the homepage, that it’s made more attractive and modern, to meet the aesthetic taste of the customers and possible in-terested ones, making better their navigation.

With time, the site will be enriched with new contents, pictures and news with constant updates on the latest products that the Marchetti family is able to offer its customers and industry experts, continuing in the way of success achieved internationally over the years.